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Our Mission

To Set Objectives with Clarity, Pursue with Passion and Deliver with Digital Precision.

Digital Commerce Technologies Inc.

The global market dynamics are placing increasing demands on businesses to make their systems agile and scalable, to remain competitive. This underscores the importance of the advisory role and bandwidth required of Consultants to apply industry best practice solutions for the Customers' specific business needs.

Enterprise software implementations typically involve technical, procedural and cultural change. DCTI’s experienced professionals are superbly qualified to handle this state of flux by channeling synergies, assisting in decision making and focusing on business goals. At DCTI our consultants "call it as they see it" in advising our Customers. We believe this is what our Customers demand and expect - an objective and professional opinion from an outside perspective based on industry experience. This ideology is retained by both our functional and technical consultants as we continue to deliver quality solutions with tangible results.

Oracle Applications

DCTI's lead consultants blend Oracle's AIM methodology with our repository of industry specific best practices to deliver seamless implementations.


We have a highly specialized EDI group with expertise in implementing the following Translators:
Gentran, Harbinger/TLE, Sp*EDI

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